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The Cold War Museum is pleased to include this photo gallery as part of their educational resources. The Cold War Museum is deeply appreciative to the estate of Vincent Grimes and Gayle Grimes for the donation of these photos and thousands of Cold War era magazines, books, and reference material. Additional images will be added periodically.

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Standard MR andER surface to airguided missiles.

Boeing's U.S. Air Force's Air-Lunched Cruise Missile (ALCM)

A Mace B is launched from its hard site during a test at Cape Canaveral.

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Among the experimental weapons developed at the Landing Force Development Center, Quantico, Virginia, was this light antitank weapon (LaW), which resembles a saved-off 3.5 rocket launcher (bazooka)

Technician in Boeing's Seattle System Integration Laboratory adjusts holding fixture for full-cale model of US Air Force's Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM)

Goose Missile in Flight — (SM-73). Picture was taken during a recent test flight made at the Air Force Missile Test Center, Cape Canaveral, Fla.

A rigid polyurethane plastic foam "igloo"developed by the Atlantic Research Corporation and the Army Quartermaster Corps was used as low cost and disposable field shelter for troops.

The first downing of enemy aircraft by sea-based surface to air missile TALOS missile is recalled by Navy Captain James D. Watkins (left) Radm Keneth C. Walace.

The main stage booster of the Jupiter C rocket is prepared for checkout in the assembly hanger of the US Army Ballistic Missile Agency's laboratory.

A prototype of the Army's new atomic -capable Pershing missile during a demonstration of its easy air transportability at Rhine Main Air Force Base, Germany.

Weather curtains for tear-resistant, waterproof Coverlight-N, a neoprene - coated nylon supplied by the Vulcan Division of Reeves Brothers, Inc., New York, protects the delicate instrumentation required by the Martin Company for testing and checking missiles such as this USAF Titan shown at moment of lift off from Cape Canaveral,Florida.

Martin Built 199 B ALBM, a two stage US Air force research and development missile,was fired from a B-47 jet bomber over the Atlantic Missile Range near Cape Canaveral into the vicinity of the earth -orbiting "Paddlewheel" satellite, Explorer VI.

New Army Shillelagh--US Army soldier handles modern Shillelagh, anti-armor and field fortification missile that packs a far greater wallop than the one carried by its fabled Irish namesake.

This is an artist's concept of the Shillelagh weapon system developed for the US Army.

Improved Towvehicle (ITV) by E & S Division,Emerson Electric Company

A Marine Infantryman prepares to fire a Cobra wire-guided Anti Tank Missile. The Cobra is guided to its target by manipulating a stick on an electronic control box to which eight missiles can be connected for firing in sequence.

Rockwell International Corporation Missile System Division's Hellfire anti-armor missile system.

TOW missile launcher designed to destroy tanks and other hard targets with a hollow-charge warhead.

Captive flight test of the Pershing II Terminal guidance system carriedin a pod of FJ-4 "Fury"

A Pershing II missile is launched from McHregor Range on Fort Bliss, Texas, beginning an 88-mile flight to a ground target on White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), N.M.

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