The Cold War Museum Chapters

The Cold War Museum — Berlin

Located at the former East German Atomic Bunker Harnekop. this chapter was established during two visits by Francis Gary Powers, Jr. in 2005. He toured a number of locations of historical significance around the Berlin Wall boundry, because of its global identification with the Cold War. For more information, please visit The Berlin Chapter web page.

The Cold War Museum — California

California played a critical role during the Cold War. Lockheed, Hughes, and many other defense contractors called California home during the Cold War. Beale AFB, near Sacremento, is still home for the U-2 comand. For more information, visit The California Chapter web page.

The Cold War Museum — Caribbean

The Cold War was a global entanglement, involving all the twenty six nations, states, commonwealth and/or territories that compromise the basic Caribbean Area. Thirteen more countries, including Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia; form what is known as the greater Caribbean basin. As in the case of all other nations in the world, the Caribbean states played a role, and sometimes, a very important one, in shaping the course of the Cold War and our current geopolitical status. For more information, visit The Caribbean Chapter web page.

The Cold War Museum — Midwest

The Cold War was very relevant to Midwest of the United States through its people, places, events, and ideas. For example, the Badger State, where the museum chapter is located, is home to several prominent figureheads of the Cold War including Senator Joseph McCarthy and Foreign Serviceman George Kennan. The Midwest is also home to thousands of Cold War veterans. For more information on Cold War Wisconsin, please visit The Midwest Chapter webpage.

The Cold War Museum — Moscow

Moscow, another hot-spot of the Cold War, played a key role when the capital for the Soviet Union. The Kremlin, KGB, Stalin, Krhushchev, and Gorbachev are key players in this international saga. For more information, email

The Cold War Museum — Southeast

The Cold War — ingrained in the Southeast with the dedication, devotion and love of country, so many here served and gave. The Southeast was home to some of the greatest and most important participants the Cold War ever saw, protectors of a great nation in a time of serious global entanglement. For more information, visit The Southeast Chapter web page.


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