Funding Suggestions for Donors


The Cold War Museum needs your help.  For $1,100 you can pay the Museum’s rent and utilities for one month.  $500 will buy a supply of letterhead and envelopes with which to solicit other contributions.  $300 will buy a dehumidifier with a built-in water pump to protect our collection.  Please see the Museum’s list of needs below for tangible ways your contribution can make a difference.

Staying Open & Basic Business Needs

  • Rent and utilities:  $1,100 per month
  • Office Print Needs:  The Museum needs letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc.:  $500
  • Marketing Print Needs:  The Museum needs brochures and related marketing materials:  $1,500
  • Gift Store:  The Museum’s gift store needs to be stocked and updated online:  $1,000
  • Signage:  The Museum needs signage on its building and miscellaneous improvements inside:  $2,000

Sponsor Events for Museum exposure and fundraising

  • July 21 Fairfax Army Navy Club:  $500

    Spycraft:  Tools of the Trade

    Presentation by Linda McCarthy

    Saturday July 21, 2012 1-3pm

    Sponsors needed to cover $500 in costs (assumes cash bar)

  • Fall 2012 possible symposium on 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis and grand opening of the museum

Protect and Preserve Artifacts

  • Acid-free containers for safe storage:  $20 each (50)
  • Safe storage garment hangars:  $4 each (100)
  • Hangar racks for Cold War uniforms:  $130 each (4)
  • Dust covers for uniform racks:  $205 each (6)
  • Storage for Cold War flags:  $20 each (10)
  • Temp & Humidity data logger/alarm:  $415 (2)
  • Collection tracking tools:  $1,000
  • Storage shelves and equipment:  $1,000
  • Storage dehumidifier with pump:  $300 (1)
  • Storage portable air-conditioner:  $250 (1)
  • Expansion of storage to a preservation area:  $5,000

Chart the Museum’s Future

  • Strategic Plan:  $3,000
  • Business Plan:  $3,000
  • Market Study:  $20,000

Professionalize Operations

  • Funds for stipends to museum professionals
  • Funds for reimbursing expert volunteers for travel

Technology to Educate and Connect People

  • Professionally re-worked website with membership integration, donations tracking and community modules



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