Individual Support

The Cold War Museum is actively searching for permanent donations of material related to the Cold War from 1945-1991. The scope of this search includes, but is not limited to, material related to military missions (such as defense, strategic deterrence, reconnaissance, space race, and intelligence), specific events (such as the Berlin Airlift, Cuban Missile Crisis, U-2 Incident, etc.), varied geographic locations (polar bases, South America, North Africa, etc.), and varied duties (such as missileer, pilot, etc.).

Some suggested items include:

  • photography (black and white or color prints, color slides, negatives)
  • uniform items
  • period clothing
  • personal items
  • unit memorabilia
  • maps
  • diaries
  • flight logs
  • documents
  • letters home
  • captured material

If you have material to offer from this period, please contact The Cold War Museum.

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