SRBM Characteristics

Missiles Producer Propellant Deployment Mode Max Range
SCUD B (SS-1c Mod 1) Russia Liquid Road-mobile 185
SS-1c Mod 2  Russia  Liquid Road-mobile  150+
SS-21 Mod 2 Russia  Solid Road-mobile  43
SS-21 Mod 3 Russia Solid Road-mobile 75
SS-23 Russia* Solid Road-mobile 185+
SS-X-26 Russia Solid Road-mobile 185+
Iskander-E Russia Solid Road-mobile 170+
CSS-6 China Solid Road-mobile 370
CSS-7 China Solid Road-mobile 185
CSS-8 China First stage: solid 
Second stage: liquid
Road-mobile 93
SCUD B North Korea Liquid Road-mobile 185
SCUD C North Korea Liquid Road-mobile 310
Prithvi I India Liquid Road-mobile 93
Prithvi II India Liquid Road-mobile 155
Dhanush India Liquid Ship-based 155
Hatf-1 Pakistan Solid Road-mobile 50
Shaheen Pakistan Solid Road-mobile 280+
Vector ** Egypt Solid Road-mobile 425+
Al Hussein Iraq Liquid Road-mobile 350+
Al Samoud Iraq Liquid Road-mobile 90+

*No SS-23 missiles are deployed in Russia; some remain in Bulgaria and Slovakia.
**Missile has not yet been flight-tested.
Note: All ranges are approximate.

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