Pakistan’s Ghauri MRBM has been flight-tested twice.

Photo credit: Reuters, archive photos

Ghauri Missile on its Road-Mobile Launcher

Photo credit: Associated Press

Iran is working on the development of at least two new MRBMs/IRBMs, the Shahab 3 and Shahab 4. The Shahab 3 MRBM is based on the North Korean No Dong and was developed with Russian assistance. The Iranian Defense Minister has also stated that a Shahab 5 is in development. The Shahab 5 probably will have a longer range than the Shahab 4 and may be an IRBM or ICBM.

India and Pakistan are developing new MRBM systems capable of carrying weapons of mass destruction. Pakistan conducted the second flight test of the Ghauri MRBM on 14 April 1999 after the Indians launched the Agni II MRBM for the first time on 11 April 1999. Pakistan also displayed its new Shaheen II solid-propellant MRBM in the Pakistan Day parade in Islamabad in March 2000.

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